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Is country songwriting something you enjoy doing and, as a country songwriter, do you feel your skills are as strong as they need to be for you to succeed?

Do you want to learn how to write a song that has a stronger impact on your listener and is more in line with today's Nashville songwriting?

Would your songs benefit if you knew how to write song lyrics that were more concise, meaningful and emotionally packed?

Would you be a better writer if you received songwriting help, somgwriting tips, if you took songwriting lessons or went to a songwriting school?

If you went into a Nashville Recording Studio today to make a music demo or demo recording of your songs, do you feel the songs themselves would get the attention you would like from Nashville record companies, Nashville artist management firms or the Nashville song publishing community?

After listening to your song demo, do you think that a Nashville record producer would feel you had written a "real" Nashville song?

Do you think an honest evaluation of your songs from a Nashville song service like Nashville Song Evaluation could help you reach the level of other Nashville songwriters or would help in selling your songs to Nashville music publishers?
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