Common Mistakes

Nashville songwriters who have made a mark for themselves know how to write a song and how to write song lyrics ...that goes without saying! Equally important, they know their way around Nashville Recording Studios and understand that making a great demo recording starts with writing a great song. Most of all, every successful country songwriter realizes that mistakes can be costly!

There are a number of common mistakes country songwriters make that you will want to avoid. Take the time to read what follows and you can save yourself time, aggravation and money.

To begin, it's necessary to understand the difference between a "ruff" and a "professional" song demo. These days, a song demo goes by various names including: demo, music demo, demo record, demo recording, demo CD and demo tape. They are all the same. A "ruff" music demo is one that is usually done at home and demonstrates both the melody and lyrics of your song. It can be done on an inexpensive cassette machine or on a CD using a computer. Quality is not an issue with "ruff" song demos as long as the melody is clear and the song lyrics are understandable. These demos can be used for song evaluation.

A "professional" demo recording is the opposite and is usually made in either a Nashville Recording Studio or some other demo recording studio using professional musicians and singers. Nashville songwriters who are real "pros" will sometimes play on and sing their own "professional" demo recordings. These demo recordings are the type you want to use when you show your songs to Nashville Artist Management firms, Nashville Record Companies and the like.

Here's the first mistake you don't want to make: Don't make a "professional" music demo of your songs until after they have been written to the best of your ability. When it comes to country songwriting, there is an expression in Nashville that goes like this: If you really know how to write a song, you will "write tight." You will also know how to write song lyrics without wasting a single word. Before you hire a demo recording studio, musicians and singers to record a "professional" song demo, take the time to have your song evaluated by someone who can give you songwriting help! Make sure you write tight first! A "ruff" music demo recording is all that is needed for your song to be evaluated since you are not selling your song to those who are doing the evaluation. However, once your song is evaluated and written tightly, a "professional" song demo is the best way to go if you want to impress Nashville Music Publishers, Nashville Record Companies, Nashville Record Producers and Nashville Artist Management Firms.

Another common mistake that a country songwriter might make results from their unwillingness to rewrite their songs. The truly professional Nashville Songwriters will write and rewrite their songs over and over again in an effort to make every word count. There are no throw away words. Once again, when it comes to Country songwriting and impressing those who count, you must "write tight" and that only comes about after you have had a brutally honest review of your songs and after you have gone back to your desk for a rewrite or two. Your songs exhibit the level of your talent....make them the best you can no matter how many times you have to rewrite them.


"" Finally, don't be in a hurry. Writing songs quickly won't impress the Nashville Song Publishing community nor will it get you through the front door of any of the Nashville Record Companies. Only a well constructed, moving song will. Take your time, think clearly and write at an easy pace.