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Nashville Song Evaluation offers person to person evaluations of your songs and was established by Eric Schabacker as a result of writing and promoting his own songs in Nashville. If there is truth to the expression "Experience is the best teacher," Eric has the equivalent of a well deserved college degree in the craft of songwriting.

Even after a notable career as a studio owner, recording engineer and record producer, Eric had to start at the bottom as a writer in Nashville. Like many writers today, he had to learn how to write song lyrics that would attract the attention and impress both Nashville Music Publishers and Nashville Record Companies alike. After presenting his songs hundreds of times to various factions of the Nashville Music industry, Eric has learned what it means to write well constructed songs. "I found out early on, if you want to be noticed, you have to write a song where every word counts and is relevant to the meaning of the song. It needs to be emotionally packed and able to hit the listener right between the eyes. There is simply no room for songs that are poorly written. A demo recording of a song that isnít written as well as possible is a waste of time and money."

Through his experiences, Eric has learned the importance of mastering the songwriting elements as construction, form, rhyme, meter and content. "There is no substitute for the complete understanding and usage of these key components when writing songs. As writers, we all tend to write songs that make perfect sense to us and that move us emotionally. Unfortunately, they often leave the listening audience lost in the fog."

Eric is the recipient of multiple worldwide songwriting awards from such organizations as: The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, The USA Songwriting Competition, The Billboard Song Contest and The Unisong Contest. It took him more than 8 years to break through the Nashville barriers and to become recognized and accepted by the Nashville Music community. "I donít want to see other writers go through all of the time, effort and expense that I did to get their songs heard. If a songwriter is open to the idea of having their song reviewed by Nashville Song Evaluation, they can't help but to end up with a stronger and more concise work. After all, songwriting is a craft that must be learned."
Nashville Song Evaluation was founded for the purpose of helping writers create songs that make a strong first impression in the Nashville marketplace. Can we help you?
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