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Selling your songs, Nashville Music Publishers, Nashville songwriting, songwriting tips, demo recordings and Nashville Recording Studios.....no matter how confusing it all might seem, a country songwriter should always remember how to write a song with the power and clarity that is required to impress Nashville Record Companies and Nashville Artist Management Firms. To be successful, a country songwriter has to know how to write song lyrics that hit the listener right between the eyes and in the depths of their soul.

Nashville Song Evaluation (NSE) can help a country songwriter and others penetrate the Nashville Song Publishing and Nashville Recording Company marketplace by providing them with the songwriting tips and songwriting help they need for their songs to win the attention they deserve. Best of all, this evaluation is given over the phone! Thatís right! Unlike other services that provide a written evaluation of your songs without offering songwriting help or explaining how to write a song thatís truly powerful, an experienced member of the NSE staff will talk with you directly about your songs. During the call, one of our award winning Nashville songwriters will review your songs, make helpful suggestions, offer songwriting tips and answer your questions. If you like, you can even record the call and listen to it again later. When your evaluation is over, you are free to incorporate all you have learned into your re-writes. Itís almost like taking songwriting lessons or going to songwriting school without leaving home.
Nashville Music Publishers, Nashville Record Companies, Nashville record producers and Nashville Artist Management Firms all want and need strong and well written songs. Donít send your demo CD, demo tape or lyrics to them before your songs are written to the best of your ability. Remember, you only get one chance to make your first impression! Hereís what Nashville Song Evaluation can do to help you!

During your scheduled phone appointment, NSE will offer a candid evaluation of your music, lyric content and song construction. Your lyrics will be discussed sentence by sentence while songwriting tips are offered. Your songsí strengths and weaknesses will be addressed as well as suggestions regarding what you might do to improve what you have already written. The form, body, construction and logic of your songs will also be reviewed. Finally, you will be offered suggestions on how to make your song arrangements stronger and more interesting. In short, every aspect of your song will be discussed. This is a time when you can ask anything you want about your songwriting. With the songwriting help you will receive from Nashville Song Evaluation, you will be better prepared to write the kind of emotionally packed, captivating songs Nashville Music Publishers and Nashville Record Companies are searching for.
To help you rise above other Nashville songwriters, simply submit your songs to NSE by clicking on the Submit A Song Button on the left side of this page and follow the easy instructions. After we receive your demo CD, demo tape and/or song lyrics, you will be contacted and a telephone appointment will be scheduled for your song evaluation.
For in depth information and answers to frequently asked questions, please click the FAQ Button on the left side of this page.